2nd of august 2018

[Song with some chords on guitar and drums and a bunch of people singing]

You gotta make a plan you gotta have a plan

Walk down town and sit on the ground.

Eat garbage food no I'm serious

You gotta have a plan you gotta have a plan

Work bullshit jobs and love that

I found no pasta but gotta eat two slices of beef cause

Some crackpots buying cows and killin em and throwing them away

And sprinkles loafs of bread to sanktify the trash

Its mad mad mad mad


Laugh like a hyena and zip your pants up

Don't try to find your balance just enjoy the ride

Walk and talk and gripe and swear

The world doesn't hear your words but its smiling

Get up get up, pray that some God hears

And wipe your ass and save your tears

Theres a sky above that will swallow

you if you lose your grip

Author: David

Created: 2018-08-02 tor 01:57

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