16:th November 2021

Sweated through shirt under my fleece sweater. Night train like a dragon ripping through the night. It might feel more like that because I'm listening to 'Curtain Call' at the same time that I'm writing this. Will be arriving in Falköping in about a half-hour, then drive home. Its a kind of crazy setup, but its good to have work. Its not as crazy if I try enjoy the train rides back and forth. Eminem and Emacs are helping. Actually riding trains is quite nice - one person driving and maybe a hundred people travelling - thats the way to do it! Driving is kind of fun, but you can't totally relax or you crash right?

We are slowing down and the sound from the brakes is going to lower and lower frequencies as we slow, so I guess that sound is coming from something that happens less often per second when the train goes slower - so if its something working against the wheels that would make sense.

We're in Vårgårda.

Author: David

Created: 2021-11-16 tis 23:39