14:th November 2021

There is a soft roof over a world with a bit less light. There are a handfull of green leaves left on the fläder-bush outside and also two bunches of black berries. A bird with a yellow breast jumps from branch to branch with an enthusiasm that doesn't match the cold, wet and bland colours of this November. I am in Yllestad, Gunnabo 5, a collective I've had my base in since June. There are large pink flowers on a fond-wall (can you say that in English?) in front of me, set upon a red background and connected with green vines with deep green leaves. Above is a wooden panel and the other walls are coloured light peach (I think - colour tones are tricky).

Since working as a physics teacher for grownups online for nine months ending in June I have visited friends and roadtripped a bit in Skåne with a Volkswagen van (July), partied with relatives and prepared a wedding like crazy and then celebrated my sister getting Married (July/August), done some computer work for my Moms company, looked for work and I think bumped around meeting friends (? Not totally sure what I did in August), travelled to Canada in September after figuring out I probably wouldn't get work as long as I prefaced it with 'just so you know I'm going to Canada sometime this fall…', had an amazing time in Canada disregarding that I was probably going over my budget, looked for work in October and hung out at the collective here and drank rönnbärsvin sometimes and slept late and worked on insulating my bus and stuff and finally got a job in November sorting packages at the post. So thats what I'm doing now. The job is close to Gothenburg and that is a ways away. After trying to install a diesel heater in my van and it now clicking and not starting I'm instead doing long distance commute. Planning to spend the traveltime learning web development through onlinecodecamp and listening to amazing music. So - brought you up to speed!

Author: David

Created: 2021-11-14 sön 14:19