12:e oktober 2019

I am sitting in a café in Kajani. My friend described this café as typical for some Finnish director. Did I write it down? She mean't in the spirit of this director… I didn't write it up. Does one write things up or down? Probably down, surely down. Down, down, down, down, downnnnnn….

I like it - the lady serving coffee is friendly and chilling mostly in the back room and keeps forgetting to put on new coffee, last time cause her son came and talked to her for a while. Places should be like this. Outside snow is blowing at less than 45 degrees from horizontal. I will miss the snow. Many nights at the sleddogplace I would think that I wanted to take a picture of the white snow under stars, hanging heavy on trees and the silence but neither night nor silence captures very well on cameras if youre not a photographer with knowledge of arcane stuff like exposure times (and with an uncanny knack for holding a camera still in the cold or for carrying stands).

I was happy usually to not be able to photograph things; usually I don't photograph things because it usually isn't a natural part of me doing things that I photograph them (this is very different for other people - there are studies showing that you experience things less fully if you photograph while doing them, but I think this is very personality-dependent, documenting is recreating and interacting of course, for some people, while for others it is distancing).

The wallpaper is a bluish/greyish pattern, and if I was to guess I would guess it is from the 30:s - it reinds me of what my grandparents would have thought elegant and kind of new. I could imagine my grandfather here with a felt hat - the kind with two bumps on top - and a newspaper. My swedish grandfather I mean. This is a railroad café and the railcars outside are still - I haven't noticed a train pass during the two and a half hours I've sat here, but then I'm not always so observant… so maybe they swished pass while my mind was somewhere else. The clock here has a golden rim and is hanging on a wooden construction that looks like a very stylistic boat on water. Will go and look at Kajani now. I am super stinky - I appreciate the Finnish sense of personal space (1.5 - 2 metres) right now.

Author: David Jacobsson

Created: 2019-12-11 ons 13:20